Sunday, January 16, 2011

Civil War Quilt-Along and Works In Progress

I have been looking forward to the next block in Barbara Brackman's quilt-along and got started this morning.  I found needle turn was the best way to applique these small stars and each one a little easier than the next once I got going.  I still have three more stars to do before I'm finished but I'm not so sure I'll be making two of these blocks as I did the previous ones!

You're probably getting sick of this centre block I've been working on but I have managed to get a little more done since my last post  so here it is again.  I've completed all the large star blocks for this quilt and now have twenty six or so small sashing stars to complete.

I have also begun quilting this quilt.  I have procrastinated for months on what designs to use on this quilt.  I am not really sure if the meander is the best choice for the background of the blocks but I really want to get this finished and bound.

The colours are a bit washed out by the flash, not the best time to take photos, at night.  I used fabrics from two Jelly Rolls.  One was a Figtree Quilts range, Fig and Plum and the other a Blackbird Designs range called Beach House.  The leaves and stems are also Figtree Quilts fabric and the sashing was from my stash and I cannot remember whose it is. I'm really pleased with the result.  Let's hope I feel the same way about the quilting!

I had a lovely afternoon sewing while watching the Forsyte Saga on DVD while all the kids went over to visit their older brother.  I'm going to finish watching the series now and tackle the rest of those little stars.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Happy stitching,


  1. Your red stars on the cream background are stunning.....what a pretty quilt!
    I like the meander on your applique quilt~meandering always highlights applique so you can't go wrong with it! Thanks for sharing!
    ♥ Eileen

  2. Lovely quilt and I really like your fabric selection. My motto is a finished quilt is better than a perfect one. I have just started needleturning the starts of my Civil War block - one down and six to go. Happy stitching!

  3. Very nice points on your stars, which I know from experience are not easy to do! Love your center quilt (never get tired of seeing quilt progress), and the last quilt is just gorgeous - so nice to have a finish!

  4. Your appliques are coming along beautifully.
    I need to do some quilting to, but I have to free motion, so need to get myself motivated.


  5. I love the stars! I have to try this applique. I've never done it before. I'm going to Joann Fabrics tomorrow, and I'm looking for a Baby Go! I hope they still have one left. I love seeing your work, Rowena.

  6. I love needleturn applique too, and your stars are lovely!

  7. Rowena,Your appliques are coming along beautifully.
    I looked at the block and thought.."Oh no, how to do this ".. I don't like appliqueing points, but I'll give needle turn a go after seeing how lovely your is,

  8. No one would ever get tired of looking at the center block! Beautiful color combinations.

  9. Since you visited my blog, I decided to visit yours. I love civil war fabrics so was mesmerized right away. Your applique is beautiful. Something I plan to take up in retirement. Meandering looks fine and I like the motif in the flower. What kind of longarm do you have? I'm trying to get brave enough to do freehand quilting, but haven't quit mastered it yet. Any tips? Nice blog. I'll be back.