Monday, January 10, 2011

Civil War Blocks and Impulse Buying

I couldn't help myself!  You know what it's like.  You have to call in to your LQS for some necessity, for me it was a new blade for my rotary cutter.  I had every intention of walking straight out the door after I'd paid for the blade, note that I paid before I had a quick "look" hoping to discourage any impulsive purchases!  Ha!  Of course I failed!  It's a set up!  All those gorgeous samples and fabrics displayed in such a way that makes you feel all warm inside, that creative hum starts and you just can't control it any longer you just have to buy that little kit or that fat quarter that just speaks to you!!  So I confess, I just had to have this little kit to make this utility apron designed by Renee Plains. Seriously, could you have resisted something so damn sweet?

Hey, and it's functional and I really do need a new apron for my bits and pieces when I'm machine quilting at my longarm!
I made a start on it as soon as I got home,  it will not languish on the shelf of good intentions.

I have also been lured by the lovely blocks displayed on Barbara Brackman's new site Civil War Quilts (see logo in my sidebar, click to go there) and have made the first and second blocks.  I accidentally cut double the number of pieces for the first block so made another.  Once I'd made two of the first block I thought I may as well make two of the second one.  I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of contrast between the red and brown fabrics in the pinwheel centres, ah, live and learn.

I also finally buckled and  bought a bundle of fat 1/8's of the Collection for a Cause Hope range( from LQS) which I've been going back to look at again and again online.  I've used one of the browns and one of the reds in these blocks.  There are some lovely teal blues and a caramel floral that I really like.  I don't know why I didn't take a photograph of them.  Tomorrow perhaps.

There are some great quilt-alongs and swaps starting in blogland. As well as the Civil War blocks, Lori from Humble Quilts has posted the first steps for her doll quilt, Midnight Stars.  I'm tempted to join in the fun with this little quilt too.

Christine from Once Upon a Quilt is running a doll quilt swap.  There is still time to join this one.  Christine posted some great photos she took when she was in the US of antique doll quilts, well worth a look.

I'd better get off the computer and get on with my utility apron seeing as I need a new one so badly ;-)

Happy stitching,
Bye for now,


  1. I am prone to impulse buying myself, lol.
    There are so many wonderful patterns and fabrics, it is hard not to.
    Your blocks are coming along beautifully.


  2. Rowena, I plan on making my son a civil war type quilt. I have purchased two different jelly rolls for the project. I'm trying to decide on what kind to make him, but it has to be fairly easy as I'm not an experienced quilter. Can you tell me where to look for these types of quilts? or what type of block would be period correct. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. I can understand you having to have that apron pattern. Sounds to me like you needed it. Your Civil War blocks look great. Love the reds.

  4. That little utility quilt pattern caught my eye when it first came out! Of course, you are farther along than I am as I haven't started. Thanks for the inspiration, as I really, really NEED one too! Love, love your red civil war blocks - just gorgeous!