Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Applique Quilt Center and Binding done!

I have this pretty applique block I've been picking up now and then over the past few weeks in between quilting the repro nine patch.  As you can see I've made a bit of progress.  I think I mentioned it's a Blackbird Designs block from their book When the Cold Wind Blows.  I'm loving how it's looking so far.

For the binding on my repro nine patch I used a Blackbird Designs fabric that matches the setting square fabric.  I love how this quilt has turned out.  Just needs a label now,yay.  Sometimes the simplest designs are the most pleasing.

I've been loving the little houses being made into quilts, check out this blog Jeanneke's Blog and scroll down the posts and you will see the gorgeous little house blocks and somewhere she has a link to a blog she set up specifically for the little houses quilts.  Whether or not you find the little houses blog or not, her blog has lots of beautiful eye candy, she loves to make quilts from lots of small, traditional blocks, so perfectly lovely!!  I am slowly becoming tempted to make a quilt from small blocks.  Also check out  Supergoof's Blog she makes such wonderful quilts, enjoy!

That's all for now.

Happy stitching,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finished Nine Patch with Feather Wreaths

I've finished quilting my repro nine patch that I had the problem with running out of backing.  I sorted that out and quickly finished the quilting.  Now I just have to make the binding and put it on, I hope to do that next week.

I thought I'd show you the stencil I used to mark the feather wreaths in the setting blocks.  I used the medium wreath on the stencil and a pounce pad.  They really went quite quickly once I got into a rhythm.

I really love the end result with all those feathered wreaths across the quilt.

I used a lovely red backing which is something I wouldn't usually do, choose a strongly contrasting backing.  I used a dark red thread in the bobbin and a goldy thread ( King Tut by Superior Threads )in the top.  I fiddled with the tension for ages but still had some "pokies" on the back.  As this is going to be a snuggle quilt the family will use while watching TV I'm not terribly worried.  I used  Matilda's Own batting 60% wool and 40% poly.  Possibly the pokies may become less visible after washing and drying.

I'm watching Midsomer Murders tonight and doing some more applique on the centre block I posted about recently.  Pictures of that next time.

Happy stitching,

Friday, August 3, 2012

Jacobs Ladder and Some Shopping

I have been having a lovely time playing with my repros making these Jacobs Ladder blocks.  They go together so easily and fairly quickly, but oops!  I have put some together with the four patch blocks turned the wrong way!  Looks like there will be some un-sewing tomorrow, poop, can't say it's my favourite thing to do.  It's my own fault, sewing too late at night when I really should have been in bed asleep.  Anyway
here's what I've made so far, mistake blocks 'an all, lol.

I also don't like the block second from the left on the bottom row, I think that one will have to go.  

Yesterday I went and picked up a book from my LQS that I'd had put aside and a few FQ and some shirting fabric came home with me.

Scrap Quilt ( Mania) by Linda Koenig is such a wonderful book filled with gorgeous scrappy quilts to make.  
Here are a few that caught my eye when I had a quick flip through it.  

I love the larger red centres in these log cabin blocks.

This is one of a few examples of antique scrappy quilts in the book, I love the bold chrome yellow background fabric and nine patch quilts have always been a favourite of mine.

There are so many other wonderful quilts in this book published by Quilt Mania.  I'm sure if you went to their website you could order it and they often have it set up so you can look through the books .

I had a problem with the nine patch I've had on my quilting frame that I've never had happen before which made me crazy.  I reached the end of ther quilt and had just a few inches to finish and ran out of backing !!!
I had to take it off the frame, cut a strip from the side of the backing ,stitch it along the bottom then put the quilt back on the frame, argh!  Never want to do that again!  Hope to get it finished today.

Happy quilting ,