Saturday, June 28, 2014

Benjamin Biggs Block 4 and partial Block 5

I have been sidetracked from quilt making a bit lately.  I have been kept very busy by our German Shepherd puppy!  She has so much energy and needs to be walked and played with at least twice a day!  I have lost several kilos without even trying! I have also been taking her to puppy classes...she graduated last week, lol.

I have managed to finish Block 4 of BB and am on my way to completing Block 5 of BB, all machine applique.  I am really getting the hang of the machine applique and love the quick results....such a 21st century girl!

I took a close up trying to show the machine applique, you may be able to enlarge it, I am not sure.

Block 5 still needs the corner buds and leaves.

I have also been hand stitching my Whig Rose blocks that I have been picking up now and again since I started.

I am making 9 blocks altogether and am onto my 4th. It should be a lovely quilt.

Love Entwined has been languishing on my sewing table.....I will get back to it.  The work being shown on Esther Aliu's Yahoo Group of this quilt is truly stunning.

Happy stitching,