Monday, May 15, 2017

Courthouse Steps and Pineapple Logs

Oh dear! I have been an extremely infrequent blogger, ahem... Life just gets in the way. My Mother's health suddenly deteriorated early last year and I became a full time carer with Mum on oxygen and needing constant care. However, though my Mum needs constant care , I am now in a routine and managing to get a bit of sewing done.

I'm still working on the hand appliqued Whig Rose blocks which I find very relaxing but I've been having so much fun with 1 1/2 inch strips! It all started with a pattern in a Kim Diehl book I bought some time ago. I pulled some fabrics and made the blocks for the quilt centre with a couple to spare. There is the applique border to do next.

I've always loved log cabin quilts. I then began looking at pineapple log cabin quilts and tutorials on the internet and found a really easy method. The blocks are around 12 inches finished and do take a while to make but its such a joy choosing the fabric strips, stitching them on then cutting off the ends with the rotary cutter.  T\he only measuring is the original cutting of the 1 1/2 inch strips!

The strips that extend past the edges are just cut off! I use the lines marked on my ruler to keep the block even and straight. So easy. It's very handy having the spinning cutting mat for this.

Do you get in a mess like this? Or are you organized with little trays for each colour strip ? I usually am a little less chaotic but this really has been a pleasure.

Happy stitching,