Monday, June 17, 2013

Centre Applique Block

Another post so soon!!  The weather is cold and it's definitely been perfect for sitting in a nice warm room doing some applique.

Years ago I bought this border print fabric on impulse.  Fortunately I bought enough of it to be truly useful and finally decided on a quilt plan to use it.  I did play with it as vertical strips in a strippy type quilt but preferred the medallion using it as borders.  The photo is the applique block (28" square) from When the Cold Wind Blows book by Blackbird Designs and the first border using said fabric.  I think I will follow that with some scrappy pieced blocks and then some more applique perhaps, not sure. I will however, finish with another border of the pink border design fabric.  Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.....

First a wider green then the pink. No, it needs to be narrower.

I apologize for the terrible angle and terrible photo but I was holding the fabric up and taking the shot at the same time.

That looks better, the photo and the narrower green border but it won't be that close to the applique, testing fabrics is not an exact science!.

I really don't have too much of the red and green applique block done but here's where I was a day ago, I am now nearly ready to stitch the large central rose, exciting!  I can't wait to get the first block completed, I really am full of enthusiasm for this quilt, only 9 blocks to do, he he.

Back to the applique, I hope to get plenty done today, I have to take my Mum for blood tests so there is opportunity for guilt free stitching while we wait!  Yay!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Any Australian ladies who made it to the Sydney Quilt Show, I didn't make it this year for the first time in many years, so if it is possible, some photos on your blogs would be greatly appreciated!  I have seen photos of the stunning Best of Show by the very talented Janet from the Quiltsalott blog but would very much like to see any more quilts that may have caught anyone's fancy.

Happy stitching,


  1. Hi Rowena,
    Lovely to have another post. Your applique is beautiful and I do like that border fabric (have some of that myself waiting for the right project).
    I got to the Quilt show for the first time in many many years and was SO impressed- wonderful! I would love to put some photos on my blog but can't without each quilter's permission...too difficult.

  2. Good to see you back Rowena. Beautiful border fabric and applique. I love your colors.

  3. Beautiful applique work! Love your colors and fabric choices. Blackbird Designs has so many wonderful patterns and you've chosen a lovely one.:)