Saturday, January 30, 2016

Belated Happy New Year , a New Project and an Old One

Now all the Holiday excess is over and school has returned yesterday, I have at last a quiet afternoon to post a few pictures and a few words, lol. A dear friend has recently moved within visiting distance and I have introduced her to applique and now we are making the Moda Sampler Shuffle blocks together. I found the downloadable patterns of the 6 inch blocks, contributed by many Moda Designers, at They have been a great way to teach piecing (machine piecing)as there are lots of different designs with different challenges, even an applique block! I am making mine mainly with some Fig Tree charm packs and a Fig Tree layer cake with some of my stash fabrics thrown in for contrast. While I do love how fresh and pretty the Fig Tree fabrics are I have found, whilst making these blocks, that there is a lack of good contrasting darks...plenty of medium and light values but very few darks. So I have supplemented these from my stash. So here are the photos of blocks 1-11.
I will have to re-make this block. The green and cream fabric is a complete disaster! Live and learn! Bit of a laugh that I'm teaching my friend, lol, but it was a very good example of how certain fabrics and values Do Not work well together!!
The following is Block 19 of Benjamin Biggs which I am still plugging along with. Not many blocks to go now! Then it's on to the applique border!!
Last but not least a picture of my Christmas Pavlova which has been a family tradition started by my Great Aunt who past the recipe on to meto continue on with it after she was gone. My children would mutiny if there wasn't a Pavlova and a good old fashioned Sherry Trifle on Christmas Day! No photos of the Trifle, it didn't last long enough! I'm not sure what has happened with Blogger but I can no longer see the actual photos in the post as I'm writing it (only computer language!)so I cannot see where the text is ending up until I preview the post! Bit annoying , I have fiddled around but I give up!! The end result is the best I could achieve, sorry. Happy New Year to all! Rowena


  1. Your blocks look perfectly pieced together. Great job. The cake looks delicious!

  2. Your student is very fortunate to have your instruction with these tricky blocks. Love your BBiggs block! I'm on to the border now - well worth the effort :)
    I bet they all made short work of that delicious pav! Happy New Year to you too Rowena!

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  5. Oh my! I am absolutely loving your blocks, both applique and pieced.

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