Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Benjamin Biggs Blocks 8 and 9

Here are my BB blocks 8 and 9.  I must say block 8 was a bit of a fiddle to prep and I had to stitch on the machine very carefully but I am pleased with the end result.

I have tried to take a close up picture to show how invisible the machine stitches are.  I use a Gutterman cotton thread that matches the applique piece as closely as possible and then using a very , very small blind hemming stitch on my machine to stitch right up against the edge of the applique.  I am so impressed with the speed and the results I will definitely use machine applique on future projects!

Block 9 was a pleasure to make, prepping went smoothly and quickly and stitching needed to be careful on the flowers but again a great result!

I am looking forward to doing the next block, I am really loving this project.  Many thanks to the Just Takes Two ladies for their generosity in preparing and sharing these patterns.

On the Carpal Tunnel problems, I am so thrilled at the improvement in my hands!  Taking a diuretic and wearing the splints at night has given me such a huge amount of relief from the painful and irritating symptoms I am amazed and so grateful!  I truly recommend giving these things a try before rushing into surgery, perhaps you too may get relief as I have. I haven't been doing much hand sewing at all over the past few weeks to really give my hands a chance at improvement along with the treatment and it's worked!

Happy stitching everyone,


  1. love your blocks! I am having thumb problems and will be wearing a brace for it. The current brace I had made it worse so a new one is coming for me to try instead - I do not want to give up hand work

  2. These blocks are wonderful - you do such good work with the machine applique! The stitches seem to be completely invisible. Glad to hear your hands are so much more comfortable :)

  3. Beautiful blocks Rowena! I'm so glad your hands are feeling better. Take care.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful! When doing the machine applique, do you change thread for EACH color, even within a flower? What do you use in the bobbin?
    I've had the surgery for carpal tunnel on my left hand, and a cortisone shot for my right. Both worked, but I wish I'd known about the diuretic back then.

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