Thursday, November 24, 2011

Luna Notte Blocks

I've had a Jelly Roll and various yardage from 3 Sisters Luna Notte range for quite some time now.  I just fell in love with this collection the first time I saw it.  I did have a quilt in mind that I was going to make with what I had.  Then yesterday I was looking through one of my Quilt Mania magazines and this pretty quilt by Fig Tree Quilts caught my eye.

This afternoon I had another look and couldn't make myself be sensible and finish off my French Bouquet quilt top that's on the design wall .  No, I was transported to that wonderful place where fabric and colour and inspiration all take hold and I was cutting pieces and sewing them together, having a lovely time!  I am so happy with the results.  Here's the first block I completed.

Here's another, not quite finished but I had to stop sewing, time for dinner : (

I think the finished quilt will be so lovely.  Here's a messy, delicious bundle of the fabrics (taken without a flash  hence the yellow tone).

And here's a picture of my quilting companion, Bruiser, I inherited him from one of my sons when he moved to a house where he couldn't have dogs.  I've had him for nearly 10 years.  He's a Pit Bull cross and the sweetest, funniest dog and devoted to me.  My Mum jokes that he'd marry me if he could!!  He is my shadow and pines for me if I'm away from home for too long.  Just between us, I love this dog to bits!  Funny how things turn out, I would never have chosen a dog like him in a million years, but there you go.

Happy Thanksgiving for everyone in the US.

Happy stitching,


  1. I have made this quilt in shades of blue and aqua and I love it . Yours is beautiful, it is such a pretty pattern.

  2. Lovely blocks. I am glad to see you too can be tempted to stray from the path a little. Dogs are good companions aren't they?

  3. Rowena, that is going to be so gorgeous in Luna Notte!!! Love that the fabric! :-)

  4. That is beautiful! I would have never guess it is jelly roll based. I can see why you "HAD" to go to work on it.