Monday, September 26, 2011

French Bouquet Quilt Progress

I spent quite a few hours pottering and fiddling with this quilt in progress yesterday.  Ages ago I posted an occasional update picture of the centre block applique and the star blocks when I began making them.  Some time ago I decided to make a start on stitching the star blocks and sashing strips with little stars together but put it away a little frustrated.  So I finally taped up a design wall of sorts and tackled the beast.  I don't want to be churlish, I love this quilt design, but the pattern instructions leave a lot to be desired.  I'm not mathematically minded or gifted with the ability to see the most logical and practical way to attack some there was some unpicking and a few rude words before I finally got it together.  Of course once I got it right it looked so obvious and simple!  I'm talking about the top left corner blocks, only four of them!  If the instructions had been....well instructions... it would have taken much less time out of my afternoon and dinner wouldn't have been a thrown together pasta (so I could get outa the kitchen and back to the sewing machine).  Just saying.

So here it is thus far.

It looks so straight forward, I know!

This is how the finished quilt should look.

I plan to have it looking like this in the not too distant future, lol.  Truly.

Hope life is good for you, it's a happy place at my house with Ben getting stronger and better every day.

Happy stitching,


  1. It can be really frustrating when things don't happen the way they should. I am often mathematically challenged and usually find visual instructions easier to follow. I just wish pattern writing did not take so much time or effort. I will look forward to seeing the finished quilt - no doubt with your magnificent quilting to really set it off. Take care.

  2. Looking good Rowena. I love he fabric you used.

  3. Really LOVE this quilt! Can't wait to see your finish! Hope Ben is doing well.