Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's Sewing? CW Blocks and Quilting...Huge Post!

My poor old laptop is sick.  It really doesn't owe me anything.  In computer terms it's pretty old, five years +.  I've been having terrible trouble getting it started and the battery doesn't charge half of the time.  So first thing tomorrow its off to the Doctor.  I thought I'd get in a post before it goes to be diagnosed with who knows what!  Perhaps the end of the line! :(

On the sewing front, much more fun, I've caught up my CW blocks.  I really love this block 20 New England, it's so pretty.  I bought some fabrics last week at my LQS and I used one of them in this block.  The softer pink serpentine in the centre of the block.  The colours really please me.

This next block is number 21, Underground  Railroad.  It reminds me of the Jacob's Ladder block.  Both of the prints in this block are from the Collection for a Cause Hope range, gorgeous range of fabrics.

Lastly, I made block 22, Blockade.  When I saw this I thought it was going to be a real fiddle but it went together without drama.  I pinned  carefully and stitched first with a large machine stitch to check everything was where it should be, points matching etc.  Once I was satisfied, I put my machine back to the normal stitch size and sewed it together.  I was a little nervous about introducing pink into this quilt with the previous block, but once I tried it I thought it looked fine so I went for it and added some more!

See what I mean,lol.

Way back at block 13, Little Blue Basket, I didn't put a handle on.  I finally stitched a handle on my little basket block last week.  Ta, da!

Here's a photo of all my CW blocks so far, I'm really pleased with them.  I love going to the Flickr group for the CW quilt-along and seeing all the different fabric choices people make.  There are going to be some beautiful quilts once they are all finished. 

I often wonder what quilters and quilt collectors in the future will make of our quilts.  With all the fabric ranges and quilt patterns available now, it will be interesting for them to discover quilts that have used whole ranges (jelly roll or layer cake quilts for example) and quilters who have made several quilts by the same designer ( I have made a couple of Fig Tree patterns and have another in the works!)  Here's hoping ,of course, that my quilts survive!

I am finishing up the quilting on this quilt for my son, Nicolas, it's been a while coming.....I think he may be wondering if he'll ever get to sleep under it!  With the fabrics and pattern on this quilt I have just meandered all over the centre with a  variegated thread, it has greyish blues of varying depths.  I just have the border to do now but I've been procrastinating over what to do in it, I'm hopeless!!  I fully intend to bite the bullet and get it done this afternoon.

I'll shackle myself to this until it's finished!

I've nearly finished stitching the binding down on my Fig Tree, Jelly Rose quilt.  I'm quite pleased with the quilting and can't wait to have it on my bed.  Such a pretty pattern.  It was so easy to put together.  I have a Jelly Stars pattern ( Fig Tree) that I have made the four large stars for, it would only take an hour or so to finish.  I must pull it out of the cupboard!

Well I'd better get on with  it!
Hope you have all had a great weekend.
Happy stitching,


  1. You are really keeping up with the Civil War blocks. Now that I've seen yours, I must get back to mine. I agree with that soft serpentine pink fabric. It is soo nice. What range is it from?

  2. I love all of your Civil War blocks. I still haven't begun the Civil War Quilt I want to make for my son, Bryan, who is a Civil War Buff. He had many college offers as he was valedictorian of his class, but the one he had to attend was Gettysburg College. It's a private college in the heart of Gettysburg PA within walking distance to the battlefield. Thank goodness he was accepted or I think he would have been crushed. I'm undecided on which block I'd be able to do. Perhaps you could suggest one or two to me that would be for a fairly new quilter. Something pretty easy. Thanks Rowena

  3. What a lot of stunning blocks and quilts! I really love your civil war blocks, the fabric are so beautiful.

  4. Love all your CW blocks!! Your son's quilt is gorgeous!!

  5. Love your blocks and the quilts, I have made two Jelly Star quilts and love them, maybe yours will be finished soon, big grin.
    I will have to have a look for the Jelly Rose pattern, love it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment left and no I think I will still love sewing more than cooking.


  6. Your CW blocks look great! I especially love the pink and gray one. I just made the basket block and thought to myself: Huh, I'm not really impressed. Looking at yours made me realize what I'm missing: the handle! lol.

    Love the Fig Tree quilt!

  7. You are a busy woman! I love your CW blocks. They look so good together. The quilt for your son is close to being finished!! Woo-Hoo!

  8. I love the color combinations you've used in your Civil War quilt blocks. I'm completely caught up but haven't put any of my blocks on flickr - which I should. It just getting the time to photograph and then upload! I'm really enjoying the year long project and can't wait to see everyones finished quilts - including my own.