Monday, June 20, 2011

I Made a New Bag/Purse

I've had this bag/purse pattern by Australian designer, Monica Poole, for quite a few years. I apologize for the out-of -focus photo, my camera is not working suddenly (and sadly) so my daughter took the photos with her phone.

 I've put off making it because I thought it looked quite difficult.  I used to be quite a confident dressmaker and would tackle tailored jackets without a worry but this bag was something out of my experience.
I really loved the style of bag it is and have bought fabric to make it twice.  Well this morning I just grabbed the pattern and the gorgeous French General fabric I had bought for it a couple of months ago and went for it.  You know what, it was really quite straight forward!  I am so delighted with the end result, love my new bag!

It has a pocket inside for a mobile phone and a larger pocket for keys/lipstick and such with a slot on the end for a pen!  How 'bout that!  I even managed a magnetic clasp!

To hold the shape of the opening of the bag,  the pattern called for the use of a product called Rigiline.  This was simple to use as it's made so you can stitch through it so attaching it to the top of the bag was easy.  I then did a line of stitching just below the Rigiline all the way around the top of the bag, this has made such a difference to the shape, without it the top of the bag would have been squished flat by the front flap.  

Hope you all had a weekend filled with happy stitching,



  1. Rowena, I just love your bag! It is absolutely beautiful, love the fabric both inside and out. You are a very talented purse maker!! Debbie

  2. I love the bag and REALY love the fabric you used!!!

  3. I love the shape of that front flap! So pretty. I wonder if Rigiline is available in the States. Gonna search for this pattern too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Great new bag! I love it!! The fabric makes it look so rich!!

  5. Hi Rowena! Thank you so much for visiting my blog to see the Paddington Satchel that I made last year. It was a great pattern and although I didn't follow all the instructions as they were written, I loved the way it turned out. It was one of the first bags sold at the Craft Fair last November! Your bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the fabrics you chose, and your execution is wonderful. Do you think you'll be making more of them? I have not made another one yet, but do plan to at some point!

    Thanks again for your visit...please visit me anytime. I'm having a give away next week, so please feel free to stop by and enter if you'd like!