Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Back after so so long!

I haven't posted for a couple of years. I was so busy nursing my Mum. I managed to nurse her at home until the afternoon before she passed away.  I am so grateful for that, she loathed hospitals!
She passed away 25th June 2017, much loved and with me by her side.

I have actually been posting on Instagram for quite some time, periodically since September 2017 but more frequently recently.

My Instagram is : @maittlen61

Now , what I've been up to creatively... I have several quilts nearing completion which is satisfying as some have been long term projects!

Firstly, my Whig's Rose blocks are all done! I now have to decide whether I will do an applique border or a pieced one.

The next quilt I am very close to finishing is a Kim Diehl design "Sprigs and Twigs" from her book Simple Appeal.  I am just finishing the applique on the corners of the border ready to machine stitch the borders onto the quilt. I have really enjoyed making this quilt.

Another quilt I am ready to put together is for my 3rd son. This quilt halted due to lack of fabric! I waited and searched for suitable fabrics to finish the blocks when through great good fortune Minnick and Simpson came out with another fabric line in extremely similar colours and prints to the range I had been using to make the blocks so far! I quickly put in an order then after it arrived got busy finishing the last blocks! I've now bought the sashing/border fabric and am all set to begin putting it together. The photo below is the layout my son and I agreed on.

Finally I am working on the last couple of Benjamin Biggs blocks! I have machine appliqued 98% of the blocks for this quilt but the last 2 blocks I've stitched by hand which I've thoroughly enjoyed! I have also begun prepping the applique for the borders of this quilt.

The last picture is just some of the Benjamin Biggs blocks I've completed.  The total number of blocks won't fit on my design boards .

Well, I hope to return soon with a post showing either further progress or some finishes!

Happy stitching,



  1. It's so lovely to see your beautiful Whig rose blocks together. I love your other projects too. Gorgeous album blocks for your son - I'm glad you found more fabric :0)


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