Monday, January 27, 2014

Part 5 Vase LEntwined and a New (second hand) Bernina!

I've been a really bad blogger, I've been doing quite a bit of applique and blog hopping , just no blog posting :((

I have finished the vase and flowers for Part 5 of Love Entwined apart from a few hearts on either side of the actual vase.

I still have one side of the dastardly zig zag to do, I'm talking myself in to doing it over the next day or so :))

I have started Part 6, another vase of flowers so hopefully I'll be posting an update on that soon.

I have finally bought a Bernina sewing machine, it's a 1530 made in 1997.  I have been looking for a reasonably priced Bernina 1230, 1260 or 1530 for a really, really long time but they always go for more than I want to pay, by jingo they hold their value!!  I found this one online and couldn't believe what a great price it was and felt sure someone would have snapped it up already but I decided to make an offer anyway and to my utter amazement my offer was accepted.  I am delighted, it had just been serviced by a Bernina technician and given a clean bill of health, I'm in love.  I have a beautiful old Pfaff with an inbuilt walking foot that is nearly 21 years old and has never skipped a beat but I cannot make the stitches small enough to do some of the things I am interested in.  I have wanted to make an applique quilt using the invisible machine applique technique the Blackbird Design ladies use.  I have bought an open toe applique foot for my new workhorse and can't wait for it to arrive in the mail!  Here is my new Bernina 1530.

Just Takes 2 are running another free BOM of an antique applique quilt, the Benjamin Biggs quilt.  If you click on the button on my side bar, up the top, for Just Takes 2, it will take you there for Block 1 and you can find the details.  I am still debating whether to start this as I have 2 other applique quilts on the go but I really regretted not doing Beyond the Cherry Tree they offered as a free BOM so I may still take it on.....I must be mad!!

Happy stitching for 2014,


  1. Love your LE. I prefer your colors to the ones I am using but I decided to stretch myself. I will just have to enjoy your from afar! I just printed the block for the Benjamin Biggs quilt though I already have too many projects on the go. Too many fun things online!

  2. Your LE is going to be so beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing your progress. I am a dedicated Bernina girl and have done a quite a bit of the invisible machine applique so let me know if I can help at all. Take care

  3. LE is so beautiful. It is going to be a work of art when you are finished!!! The Bernina is such a nice new acquisition! There's nothing like an older machine!!

  4. Your Love Entwined is so gorgeous! I am just enjoying them all from a distance. You'll never regret getting a Bernina.:)

  5. Enjoy your new Bernina! LE is coming along very nicely but it is such a huge project - nothing wrong with pacing yourself. I have taken on BB - only one block a month and not very complex...

  6. Hi Rowena,
    WOW! I am in Aw of your talent! Such beautiful hand applique, and your quilts are amazing! I read all the way back to 2010 to look at all the pretty quilts.
    When I am ready for my daughters quilt to be top stitched I will contact you so we can talk about it. I really enjoyed my visit today and have become your newest followers, I look forward to visiting again.
    Have a sweet day, hugs from Modesto CA

  7. Enjoy your new to you Bernina! I have a 30+ year old Pfaff and have the same problem with the invisible applique stitch. Your LE is looking wonderful!