Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eight Pointed Stars

Around 12 years ago I bought some pretty soft coloured fabrics with great intentions...mmm, I'm sure you know what I mean.  Fast forward 8 years... I started sewing these 8 pointed stars by hand from said fabrics while I watched my son have his Karate classes.  I made 20 or so 8 1/2 inch blocks, now another 4 years have passed and I have been finishing off the last 6 or 7 blocks by machine.  I laid them out on point over the back of an old quilt yesterday and I think it will make quite a nice quilt once it's finished.  The quilting will have to be a "star" too with so much quilters muslin.  Not much of anything else going on as life has been getting in the way of quilting!

The colours look a bit washed out in this picture so I took some of individual blocks.

The colours are more accurate in these pictures .

I'm looking forward to quiet Easter school holidays and some time to devote to finishing off my French Bouquet quilt top.  I'm about to tackle a scalloped border for the first time and I bought
Darlene Zimmerman's Easy Scallop tool on the recommendation of Lyn from Sew n' Wild Oaks, I hope it's as easy as Lyn makes it look!

Happy Easter to you all,



  1. These blocks look lovely. The soft palette is very charming. One of these days I need to try hand piecing for these kind of blocks that I struggle with the accuracy on.

  2. Beautiful! It will be a lovely quilt, particularly with your quilting added.

  3. Yes, adding scallops to a quilt is easier than it looks. Just make sure you don't make a tight "V" where the scallops meet. I'll be hearing you complain all the way from Australia to California when you are trying to attach your binding! If you have any questions, I'm just an email away.

    I love your blocks, just spectacular! So many of us have those projects in the back of the closet.....but you are going to finish the one you started!

  4. Different colors of stars designs on the colorful fabrics is really extra ordinary creation.Such a cute projects.

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    1. thankyou so much balfourray, you don't have an email address I can reply to so I hope you read this.

  5. I just love everything you do! I have a 6 pointed star, hand pieced started...must pull it out of the box!!

  6. Lovely, and I recognize some of those fabrics as favorites of mine, that I wish I still had. It will be stunning when you are done. Good luck!