Friday, December 16, 2011

60 Degree Diamonds Quilt Top

Years ago a friend gave me some French Souleiado fabric offcuts that were left over from curtains she had made.  I collected other fabrics over the years that I thought would play nicely with the offcuts.  I've finally done something with them...

I'm now in the process of stitching all the rows together, carefully pinning, then machine basting to make sure all the points line up, then finally sewing them together.  I hope to have this finished in the next day or so.

Meanwhile, my youngest son (11 yrs) has finished school for the year which was a mixture of sadness and joy.   He is starting at a new school next year and leaving the most wonderful teacher and great friends.  He will still see his best friends, just not every day.

Back to pinning and sewing.

Happy stitching,


  1. Such a lovely combination of fabrics, and I love the geometric simplicity of diamonds to show them off!

  2. What a nice collection of fabrics. You did well choosing pieces to complement the souleiado fabric. Sadly, change is all part of growing up.

  3. This looks nice Rowena, I like your fabric choice. I've seen this done in the Kaffe fabrics, and like any popular print it tends to flood the market. It's nice seeing this quilt in a different line all together. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year.

  4. Can't wait to see it all quilted!! Gorgeous colors and I love the scrapiness!!

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