Friday, March 25, 2011

Civil War Blocks and a Quilt Top Finish

I made 99% of this quilt top for my 26 yr old son, Nicolas, last winter.  I only had one last strip of border to attach to call it finished but it sat and sat until yesterday.  It took me about 5 minutes to pin it on and a further 5 to stitch it!!  Why do we do that?  The fabrics were from a jelly roll of Japanese Indigoes with some neutrals and a Japanese terracotta dragonfly fabric plus the navy/indigo border.  I've looked at it a hundred times and thought "oh, I'll get around to that in a while" .  I have another quilt top in a similar condition, only a couple of hours work at most, I really love the quilt but I seem to have lost the momentum to finish it.  I never have a problem buying the fabric for a new project!!!  I know I'm not alone or the UFO would never have been invented ,LOL.  No one was home to hold it up for me to photograph and it was after nightfall so here it is folded in half and hanging on a door.  I have a couple of customer quilts to quilt then I'll put it on the longarm and give it to my son before winter arrives.....I WILL!

I have finished another of Barbara Brackman's Civil War quilt-along blocks.

I've always loved the Churn Dash block, in fact it was the very first block I ever made.  I only made one, sort of a test to see if I liked the process.  Apparently I did!  That poor lonesome block still sits in a tub with some of the first fat quarters I bought.

Talking of fabric.... these arrived in the mail a while ago.  They are a Bonnie Blue Basics III fat quarter bundle, gorgeous.

If you're squeamish don't look at the following pictures.  My 10 yr old son decided to see what would happen if he set fire to a square of kitchen paper towel!!!  What is it that makes kids do these things?  He has a nasty 2nd degree burn on his thumb.

One of the many joys of raising children!  After having 5 you'd think I'd get used to this type of thing but I was really appalled at his insanity. That was 2 weeks ago and after a visit to the doctors every 2nd day to change the dressing, the burn is looking really good with no infection and the dressing can come off next week.  Life is never dull!

Enjoy your weekend,


  1. Congrats on finishing up that quilt. I don't know why we keep putting easy finishes like that on the back burner.

    Sure glad your son's hand is okay. Sheez!

    Please visit my blog too. Thanks.

  2. OH MY GOSH! That looks miserable, poor guy!! Good to hear there's no infection. Kids keep us on our toes, don't they?

    LOVE the Japanese Indigos, so great to hear that quilting went smoothly for you. I don't know about every quilter but at some point, I get very bored with a project and put it aside until I'm ready to fully embrace it again. I'm still waiting to fall back in love with my hexagon project. lol

    Those Bonnie Blues are fantastic!

    Happy Stitching,

  3. Lovely quilt and I can relate to your situation with the unfinished quilt top just sitting there. My theory is that we often need a deadline once we have solved all the design aspects of a quilt and it is just a question of doing it. Take care.

  4. That quilt is beautiful and perfect for a guy, he will love it.
    Your poor son, yes they do tend to find ways to make us nuts, lol.
    I hope it heals well, does look painful.


  5. Your son's thumb made me wince! It looks so painful. On a positive note, I love your quilt and you CW block. I too, will let something sit for awhile and then wonder why I never got back to it. Human nature? Or am I just lazy. Anyway, good to see your written words again. Take care, Lynn

  6. That is a heck of a burn. OUCH! Glad to hear the healing is going well.

    And your Civil War churn dash is lovely. Such a nice mix of color. I am hoping to get caught up (three blocks) this weekend. Maybe. Hopefully.