Thursday, October 14, 2010

Giveaway Drawing Tomorrow and 1/2 inch Hexagons

Tomorrow night I'll be drawing the winner of my Fall into Fall giveaway.  I'd like to thank Debi for organizing this.  
I've been overwhelmed by the number of entrants in my giveaway and I've had so much fun visiting everyone's blogs.  It's been such a fabulous way to get to "meet" new quilters and crafters.  So GOODLUCK to everyone!

Meanwhile I've been making these little hexagons using the glue method instead of basting stitches.  I plan on making a small change purse for my Mum with these.  I've been using the cottonbud (qtip) to apply a narrow line of watersoluable glue around the seam allowance then fold the fabric over the papers as usual.  It's such a quick and easy method.


This is something I've had around for a long time.  I bought this pink floral a little impulsively with the intention of making a quick and simple strippy quilt.  I've been making these HST and sewing them into strips to use alternately with the pink floral.  I'm such a sucker for a pretty floral!

Lastly my pile of orange peel applique is growing.  I think I need 64 to make the little quilt on the cover of Remembering Adelia.  Of course I have another 3 quilts very near to completion and another 3 I'm ready to start along with all the wishes and want tos.  I love this obsession!
Bye for now, Rowena


  1. It is a wonderful obsession.Your pink and green hsts are nice.I would love to see the orange peel applique.

  2. It is a good obsession though, and we get something beautiful from it.
    I am doing hexagons, but hand sewing with no paper or glue. I have used the glue stick for some applique, but it seems a bit thick for me.


  3. I love your hexagons wow, they look little what size are they? You are some quilter!!!

    I love the floral fabric, I am sure it would make many gorgeous quilts.

    I hope you post progress on the floral material with the triangles:)

    Have a great day!

    Ann Flowers

  4. I love the combination of green and pink and think your hst blocks are wonderful! I too would love to see your orange peel.

  5. I wish I could work with hexagons that small!

  6. The 1/2" hexagons are beautiful. I love the glue method also.

  7. I agree with all of the above. The hexagons look gorgeous together, and the pink and green goes well with that fabric. I have some of it as well, so now I have a preview of how to use it.